Managing Your Taxes

Do I need to make a remittance profile to make a payment?

Yes, you must create a remittance profile since important information for your payment is setup during this process.

How do I import my remittance voucher into the mobile app?

If you have a remittance profile with a QR code on it, you can create a remittance profile with the app automatically.

To do this, navigate to add a new remittance profile and tap the icon in the top right. Center the QR code in the middle of the box and wait for your information to be imported.

How do I get reminders about my tax payments?

You can setup payment reminders on each of your remittance profiles. Navigate to the edit screen for your remittance profile and select Payment Reminders.

You can set when and how often you need to pay, as well as when you want your 'Due Soon' notification.

If you would like push notifications enable the Notifications switch, you will then be notified by your phone's notification system when you have payments upcoming and due.