General Mobile App Questions


Can I pay municipalities, utilities, or schools on the mobile app?

Currently we do not support payments to these institutions, but we have heard lots of feedback from customers wanting this feature and have it on our roadmap.

Is PayPal available on the mobile app?

No, we currently do not support PayPal payments on the mobile app.

If you would like to pay using PayPal, please use


I never received a confirmation email, what do I do?

  • Make sure you have waited a few minutes for the email to arrive.

  • Check your spam folder.

  • Ensure your email is spelt correctly.

  • If you have still not received an email please contact support.

Repeat Credit Card Payments

How is my credit card stored for repeat payments?

PaySimply utilizes tokenization to meet the security standard mandated by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Your credit card information is stored in a secure, encrypted data vault at our payment processor.

How long is my credit card held by PaySimply?

PaySimply will keep credit card information at our payment processor only as long as necessary for the identified purpose for which it was collected.

How do I manage my saved credit card?

You can delete your saved credit card in the Settings section located in the hamburger menu from the dashboard screen.

How many credit cards can I save?

Currently, we only support saving one credit card for repeat payments.


How does the app passcode work?

You can protect your cards using a passcode and if your phone has biometric login (fingerprint or Face ID).

If you have not opened the app for 5 minutes you will be asked to login via biometrics or to enter your passcode to access your cards.

You can also manually log out in the hamburger menu.

I forgot my passcode, what do I do?

Due to security reasons, if you have forgotten your passcode, the app's data will need to be wiped.

If you forget your passcode you will need to do one of the following

  1. On the passcode login screen, tap Forgot your passcode? and then tap the Register button.

  2. Uninstall the app and then install it again. This will allow you to register again and enter a new passcode

How do I change my app passcode?

  1. Navigate to the settings in the hamburger menu

  2. Turn off the passcode function

  3. Turn on enable the passcode again and you can enter a new passcode.